Here is a small collection of Prince songs, that one can play with a 5-man Horn section.

His early stuff (80’s), was mostly done using synth-horns…  as it was hip then.

These songs are very easy to adapt for real horns, since he knew very well how to write for horn-players (As it sounds good). So; no magic here, from my side.


Also; I added some of his “monster-Hits”  (such as Purple Rain), just for the cause of it.

It should work fine…


Each package only contains the horn-parts!  (No score).

-Included parts:

Trumpet 1, Trumpet 2(+Alto-Sax), Tenor-Sax 1, Tenor-Sax2(+Trombone), Bariton-Sax



PRI-4U FOR YOU, 1977

PRI-DirtyM spacerDIRTY MIND, 1980

PRI-Controv spacerCONTROVERSY, 1981

PRI-Purpl spacerPURPLE RAIN, 1984

PRI-Par spacerPARADE, 1986

PRI-LovSe spacerLOVESEXY, 1988

PRI-Graff spacerGRAFFITI BRIDGE, 1990

PRI-Inter spacerINTERACTIVE (CD-ROM), 1994