Already as a 19-year old, Robert “Bob” Farnon played Trumpet in Percy Faith’s and Paul Whitman’s bands. Supposedly even arranged quite a bit too.

During WWII, Farnon was appointed Captain of Canadian Forces Band, and was sent to England to “fight”.

Very soon he was a big name in the London music-world, and was not gonna leave.

After the war, he continued to work for BBC, and also wrote several Film-Scores.  In 1955 he even landed a “hit” with his “Jumping Bean”, that forever after paved his future work-style;  Light-Music.

 - Now, for many musicians, this term is not very positively marked…  but; I can assure you -  IF you at times will hear, or even (manage to) play a piece of Farnon, you WILL think different of the term.

Most of his peers, even the “big Names” in the industry, called him “simply the best”.

If one arranges, or maybe more correctly; Orchestrates music, one will quickly hear what an impeccable talent he was.


It is a shame that he still today is only known as “the light-music” composer, whereas his, albeit short works, are -technically seen- so much better written, than a multitude of famous classical composers.


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