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A Tom & Jerry clip from 1955.

In 1955, the T&J-Team must have been experimenting with mind-alternating drugs...

This insanely psychedelic cartoon, and also the music to it, is just absolutely mad.

In this episode one can truly hear that Bradley even could write like his (brief) teacher; Arnold Schönberg!  

It is very funny to hear this music to a cartoon... as mad as it actually was.

(In my opinion; the best way to picture this style of music! - this is how it was thought...).

One of my all-time favourites !


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Ensemble Orchestra (Classic)
Composer: Scott Bradley, 1955
Arr / Editor Raphael Vang

2 Fl. (+Picc), 1 Ob.(+A-sax.(opt..)), 2 Cl., 1 Bsn

2 Trpt, 1 T-trbn, 1 B-trbn

2 Percussion-Player;

   - Vibr., Xyl., Glsp., Clap-Tree, Blocks

   - Drumset

Piano, Sampler / Sound FX.

Vln 1, Vln 2, Vla 1, Vla 2, Vlc 1, Vlc 2, Dbl-Bass


+ Included CD with movie and click-track for conductor.


Length: 7 min.
Score-Size: DIN A4-Booklet. (DIN A3 Double-sided)
Weight 500g / 1 pound
Package: Score & Parts
DEMO-mp3 Download
Original CD:

Tom & Jerry; Tom & Jerry Collection,
Warner, 2005

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